Terms Of Use

Name address and area of operation

Name of the Society – Arun Vihar Institute (Club)
Address of the Society – 274, Sector – 29, NOIDA, Distt. – Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.)
Area of operation – Distt. – Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.)


To provide:-
Social and Recreational facilities to the original allottees of residential accommodation in Arun Vihar Complex and other Ex- Servicemen, who may become members.
Officers mess facilities to Serving Service officers staying in Arun Vihar.


The Arun Vihar Institute (Club) is a society for retired and serving Armed Forces officers. It shall function on Non Profit basis.

Institute (Club) Property

The ownership of Institute (Club) property, both movable and immovable, shall vest in the Institute (Club). The custody of all properties of the Institute (Club) shall rest with the Managing Committee of the Arun Vihar Institute (Club).
The members of Managing Committee of the Institute (Club) shall hold all the Institute (Club) property in trust for the Institute (Club) and shall be responsible for the insurance, maintenance, repairs and such other care as may be necessary to preserve the same. They may enter into contracts or agreements and sign such documents on behalf of the Institute (Club) provided that any major alterations to the building and layout or unbudgeted outlays beyond the financial powers bestowed on the Managing Committee shall be executed with the approval of the General Body.

Financial Control

The Institute (Club) may derive funds from its members and through donations/grants/deposits from Army Welfare Funds or any other source subject to the approval of the Managing Committee.
The Institute (Club) shall be run on such sound lines as to enable it to be self sufficient financially.

Administrative Control

The Management of Institute (Club) shall be vested in the Managing Committee. The Institute (Club) shall be administered in accordance with the rules approved by the General Body of the Institute (Club). The internal affairs and conduct of its members shall be regulated in accordance with the Rules and Bye – Laws laid down or promulgated from time to time.


The Institute (club) shall consist of the following classes of members .

Honorary Members
Permanent Members
Associate Members
Tenure Members
Temporary members
Out Station Members


Army Commanders Western command and Central Command shall be ex-officio patrons of the Institute subject to their acceptance. Other patrons will be decided by the Managing Committee. Whenever any of the Patrons visits the Institute (Club), he shall be treated as honoured guest of the Institute (Club).

Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may from time to time, in very special cases, confer distinguished individuals Honorary Membership of the Institute (Club) for a period of one year at a time. However, it will be ensured that a maximum of five such members are permitted at any one time. Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the institute (club) subject to such restrictions and regulations as may be prescribed in the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Institute (club). They shall not have any voting rights.

Permanent Member

The following categories shall be eligible for Permanent Membership:-

Armed Forces personnel Serving/Retired/their spouse/NOK who are original / transfer allottees of dwelling units and are resident / owner of the allotted dwelling unit in Arun Vihar are eligible for permanent membership provided they are member of Arun Vihar Residents Welfare Association, Sector 37, Noida. For a permanent membership only one person per dwelling unit is eligible, provided he/she has paid laid down fee, subscription, deposit etc. as applicable at the time of applying for it and if otherwise found suitable by the Management Committee for allotment of permanent membership. At any one time, number of permanent members shall not exceed 3000. The present fee is Rs.6000/- and subscription of Rs.70/- per month.
Widow whose husband was original/transferee allottees of residential flats in Arun Vihar.
In all above cases it will be necessary that above persons have paid all subscriptions and deposits and are members of AVRWA, prior to applying for membership.
Each permanent member may nominate one member of his family ( a close kin, i.e. son or daughter)to succeed him as a permanent member provided he/she inherits the ownership in Arun Vihar. Such Nominees would need to be approved or accepted by the Managing Committee and will pay the entrance fee and other charges as in vogue at the time of entry.
The spouse of a member shall have all the privileges normally enjoyed by a member except the right to vote. On demise of the member, the spouse shall have voting right also, provided he/she exercise his/her right to become spouse subscriber.

Associate Members

Associate Membership may be offered initially for five years to the following except the children and parents of permanent members mentioned in para 14.2 below:-
Army Officers, living in Noida , not eligible otherwise for permanent membership, for a initial period of 5 years. Widows of Army Officers may also be offered Associate membership.
Parents, sons and daughters over 21 years of age of permanent members residing in Arun Vihar with their parents may also be made Associate members at the same rate of entrance fee and subscription as applicable to permanent members.
Associate membership will be offered only for five years.The number of Associate members shall not exceed 1200 and not more than 20 new members will be admitted in a calendar year.
Associate members shall not have voting rights.
Distinguished Noida residents, not more than 15, under very special consideration, may also be made Associate members at the discretion of the Managing Committee after due screening. Civilians paid from defence estimates may be given priority for Associate membership in such cases.

Tenure Members

Armed Forces Officers Serving/ Re-Employed Posted in Services Headquarters / in Units located in Delhi/ Noida and residing in Noida may become Tenure Members for the duration of their posting/stay in Noida which ever is earlier.
Separated Families of Serving Officers residing in Noida may also become Tenure Member for the duration of their stay in Noida.
Tenure Members shall pay all such subscriptions as applicable to Permanent Members except Entrance fee.
Tenure Members shall be required to submit six monthly certificate in June and December each year duly countersigned by their Superior /Controlling Officer that he/ she is likely to stay in Noida for another six months, to remain on the Register of Tenure Members, failing which their membership is likely to be terminated.
Tenure Members are not eligible to Vote, or stand for election.
Tenure membership shall be terminated on vacation of accommodation In Noida or on posting out which ever is earlier.
Outstation Membership is not available to Tenure Members.

Temporary Membership

Parents and children above 21 years of age of Permanent Members visiting Noida may be given Temporary membership of AVI (Club) for not more than 90 days in a year, in one or maximum of three occasions. No entrance fee shall be charged. He/ She shall pay total subscription as laid down for the duration of temporary membership in advance. Temporary members are not entitled to sign credit chits and are also not entitled to Vote / attend General Body Meeting and invite guests.

Dependent Children

Dependent children shall be entitled to avail all facilities which the member is entitled free without any additional charge, however the facilities for which the member pays additional fee shall be levied for dependent children as well. The following is denied to the children below 18 years :-
Entry in the Bar.
Playing of cards.
Signing of credit chits.
Inviting/Escorting of guests into the Club.

Out Station membership

All Permanent / Associate members can opt for out station membership in case they are likely to be out of station (NOIDA) for a continuous period of 60 days or more. DELHI and satellite towns like Ghaziabad. Faridabad, Gurgaon etc. will not be considered out stations. Members seeking outstation membership will deposit their respective membership cards including that of spouse and dependents with the Secretary and obtain a receipt to that effect. On rejoining, the member will be given back his original card. Any outstation member found living in Noida, Delhi or Satellite Towns, specified above shall be deemed as causing financial loss to the club and gain to himself and shall be liable for disciplinary action for unbecoming conduct. Re-admission of such members is debarred unless he pays double the amount of loss caused to the Club and Re-admission fee, as applicable. The present readmission fee is Rs.1500/-.